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The Baptist pedophiles and sexual predators are just as busy as ever.......Apr 3, '11 3:46 PM
by Teresa for everyone
It might seem to those not in the "know" that they have been ESPECIALLY busy within the last year, but most of us know better don't we?

What I think is happening is that the NEWS has become much braver about reporting it, unlike when we were all at NB. These pieces of filth have seen their "heroes" get away with it in decades past, and are making the grave mistake of thinking that they can weasel their way out of abusing kids as well. I wonder how soon the national media will finally see the connection here, and notice that the Catholics have NOTHING on these Baptist abusers. I also wonder how soon the Catholics are gonna realize that they have unfairly been put in the spotlight as having the market on child sexual abuse for the past several decades? I'm pretty sure its not gonna be long, so HOLD ON TO YOUR SEATS! The named sexual predators who have been put on the hot-seat on our humble little message board just might be making the national news soon! Whose "heroes" will they be then?

1.Vincent Brookfield, former Baptist minister
7 counts of child sexual abuse
Tulsa, OK 4/1/11

2. Larry Chapman, pastoral counselor, graduate of Birmingham Theological Seminary, degrees from*Birmingham-Easonian Baptist Bible College
Charged with sodomy and sexual abuse

3. Youth Pastor Brent Girouex Molests 14 Year Old Boy 60 Times
Council Bluffs, IA

4. Joe Nelms, youth pastor of Pacific Coast Church-San Clemente, CA and First Baptist Church-Lindale, TX
Charged with molestation of 14 yr. Old beginning in1993

5. Russell Eudy, former superintendent of Sylvan Hills First Baptist Church’s Abundant Life private school (and alleged friend of NB favorite PHIL KIDD)-Sherwood, AR
Charged with failing to report child abuse under the state’s mandated reporter laws

6. Dr. Clinton Feemster, pastor of Mt. Zion Baptist Church-Kings Mtn., NC and Asst. Professor od Divinity School, Gardner-Webb Univ-Boiling Springs, NC
Charged with trying to solicit sex from an undercover detective

7. Denny Wall, pastor of Hico Baptist church and part-time teacher and coach at Alamance Christian School-Graham, NC
Charged with having intercourse with a female student who attends the school

8. John Diehl, Assoc. Pastor of Piner Baptist Church and former missionary to Africa-Covington, KY
Charged with sex crimes against a minor

9. Michael Wheeler, host for students of Faith Christian Academy-Allentown, PA*
Charged with sexual abuse of children for allegedly video-recording boys, invasion of privacy, furnishing alcohol to minors and corruption of minors

10. Christopher Settlemoir, former pastor of Antioch Baptist Church and principal of its school-Warren, MI
Charged with two counts each of first-degree and second-degree criminal sexual conduct involving a 15-year-old student and two counts of accosting children for immoral purposes related to two other boys

11. Carl Lloyd, former youth pastor of Sonrise Baptist Church-Hartselle, AL
Charges related to an inappropriate sexual relationship he had with a member of his youth group

12. Madison Madison, church bus driver for an unnamed church-Reidsville, NC
Charged with and pled guilty to inappropriately touching a teenage girl

13. James Watkins, pastor of Bible Baptist Church-Cle Ellum, WA
Charged with and convicted of raping and molesting a boy over a period of six years

14. Thomas Elliott, youth minister at Autryville Baptist Church-Roseboro, NC
Charged with soliciting a minor over the internet for a sexual act and attempted indecent liberties with a minor
October, 2010

15. William "Billy/Bill" Cabe, pastor of Riverside Baptist Church (and avid worshipper of Mack Ford), former director of Riverside Baptist BOYS HOME, former federal prison inmate-Rock Hill, SC
Charged with (and accused of for the SECOND time) practicing medicine illegally at his church and fondling a boy

16. Melissa Jones, wife of youth pastor for Salem Baptist Church-Decatur, GA
Charged with and PLED GUILTY to criminal sexual abuse of a 16-year-old boy

17. Ernest Willis, member of Trinity Baptist Church-Concord, NH
Charged with two counts of rape and two counts of having sex with a minor

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