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I usually don't watch news reports about kidnappings because of being kidnapped myself. Right now am feeling pretty vulnerable because I watched "Stolen Innocence" on Investigation Discovery. It was about the investigation kidnap and murder eight-year-old Sandra Cantu in Tracy, Calif. I knew that her grandfather was a minister, but did not relize he was IFB and that Melissa Huckaby may very well have killed litte Sandra inside the church. Clover Road Baptist Church is on a list of a "roll call" Independent Baptist Churches that my adoptive father has. Guess I missed the fact, when this story was in the news, of the church being IFB and the possibility the sexual assault and murder of poor little Sandra took place inside the church.
According to this program, Melissa Huckaby took Sandra to her grandfathers church, where she drugged the child, sexually assaulted the 8 year old little girl with a rolling pin from the churches kitchen, smothered Sandra Catu then stuffed the body in one of her suitcases. The rolling pin was found in a drawer in her grandfathers churches kitchen with Sanda Catu's vaginal DNA on one of the handles. Huckaby then took the suitcase with the child's body in it and threw it in a retaining pool from a nearby dairy farm that was raw cow sewage run off. Huckaby called and reported that her suitcase had been stolen a little while before Sandra Catu's mother reported Sandra missing.

Apparently, Sandra was not the first child that Melissa Huckaby drugged. Another little girl was allegedly drugged by Melissa Huckaby but those parents found out in time and took their daughter to the ER. A few weeks later Sandra Catu went missing. There were no charges filed in that case, because according to the program there was not enough evidence that that child had indeed been given Xanax by Huckaby or had taken it herself because Huckaby said the child had accidently gotten into Melissa's meds.

LAWRENCEVILLE, GA. -- A church Sunday school teacher in Gwinnett County has been arrested and is accused of molesting one of his pupils.

Gwinnett County jail records say 33-year-old James Benjamin Harris faces six counts of child molestation and a charge of enticing a child for indecent purposes.

Police say the charges stem from a relationship Harris allegedly had with a 14-year-old boy he met through Sunday School classes at Brookwood Baptist Church, near Lawrenceville.

The boy's parents told police Harris met him three years ago and contact between the two had been increasing over the last several months.

Police arrested Harris at the church Friday after the boy's parents found explicit text messages between the two.

Do you worry about anything like this happening at your church? How safe are your children at church?


Not me personally on the financially, but the law for minimum wage was like 4.25/hour back in the 80's and my mom was being paid half that as a teacher while my dad made a regular salary. The pastor would get up and say if you were in the ministry, you shouldn't be doing it for the money. Well, if someone had 3 kids, they better do something for the money because we lived with family helping US out the entire time, but of course, my Catholic grandparents were going to hell for being Catholic when they were saving us from living on the street.

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